Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Have you looked at?? FTDNA Participants

Sometimes things are in front of us and we do not see them. So a reminder you can check files on FTdna and I believe the other sites for names I had not done it for almost 6 months. I found a new important link.

Also spent time reading some of the trees people are sharing with people whom they link with even if I can find no connection.  Sooner or later a link may show.

Having had a pleasant chat with FTdna person today, sorry to say I did not get his name.  I was happy to learn that the Indian did show in my Aunt's tests.  So spent the afternoon late scanning for clues on our elusive John Myers, Moyer, MOHR, MEYER, MAYER. That family has always said they left the Swiss German border and came to Germany and then to USA, in early to mid 1700's.

Then we loose John's parents and family. He just pops up in Perry Co. PA and marries Sarah Elizabeth FOULK abt 1832. He owns a mill and family bible story is maybe true or not?

IF you have a Valentine and Betsey Blessinger hanging around send them our way.

Bible says he was born 1809 in Harrisburg, PA father is Valentine and mother is Betsey Blessinger or Blessing.  Er is added to Swiss female name at marriage so I am told.

So go look at various names and trees and see if you can find some of your lost kin.

I found two people related to me that we always suspected were but could not prove. DNA proved it, we still do not know how.

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