Saturday, July 13, 2013

Society Saturday, San Diego Genealogical Society

San Diego Genealogical Society w Randy Seaver

The meeting was started with Randy talking on: Searching Effectively.

This topic was met by a almost packed house and overfilled parking lot.

There were questions asked and answered and it was very informative. He talked about types of searches, wildcards, basic or advanced search forms, special databases or all databases, and clues on how to navigate the site while doing this.

Ice Cream Social was next, it also appeared to be a positive fund raiser for the group. They also had extra books the library is removing that are not going to San Diego Library for sale.  Alas I bought two more.   : > )

The second portion was on Working on Your Ancestry Member Tree.  It was informative but, surprised Randy let it get dry. He always has such great humor in his talks.  This was an intense talk and covered lots of information.  Alas, the members near me, do not believe in public trees or even sharing much.  Made me wonder how much luck they have in finding clues and ancestors and kin.

Also was disappointed to see almost half of the members left before the second talk.  I gather it was going to be a busy day for them.

Was thrilled to hear someone ask, " What is the disadvantage of having a Tree on line and open for people to read"?  Truly nothing, sure some times there are draw backs but you can make that  tree private of public and depending on what source you use for the tree as to whether  you can have family in another state share their data and not have yourself adding it all to the tree.  His talk was about Ancestry's tree. There are others, and they are "in the Clouds", saves space on computer and shaking leaves that are reliable. But saddened my heart to hear people say they would never do that.  Somehow I think we are missing getting the right information out to the members.

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