Sunday, July 7, 2013

Some Sources for Scotland Research

HI all, I have a friend on Google +, Facebook and other places that has some awesome resources for Scotland and the United Kingdom.

I met her a couple years back on Facebook and have communicated with her since.

If the logistics can be figured out hoping to have her present some Scottish data to us down the road.

She has this site  to find her and more data on other pages.  I can not tell you how much data you just need to go look for yourselves.

(56) Scottish-American Genealogy and History - Google+

Within these pages are many sources of major interest to us researchers.

Drop by tell her hi, I love her title of Scottish-American Genealogy and History, Rednecks, Rebels and Rogues.

Look for her on Facebook also, she is there.

A great bit of news about the Cape Fear Clans.

This area seems to tie into the area near The Lost Colony also.  This site is so loaded it is better you go look.

Working on getting her to chat at one of our meetings. Wish I was more Tech smart.

Dianne Bergstedt is very sharp about sharing and caring about our research.

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