Monday, June 25, 2012

Year Half Way, How Goes the Research?

Would you believe the year is half way and the clock ticking towards the end of the year.  Did you get any of your plans started, any partially finished?  We all have good intentions but I suspect we need to regroup, re align and strengthen the grip and go forward.

Having started adding more resources to my tree, I am amazed at how much is done. But I am more sad at how  much there is yet to do.

The Beginners Class, having just finished for 15 people I stressed the need to Source your Information.  Sure I lost some in moves, but some I could have gotten at the time had I known Sourcing was going to be a key item.

With the year approaching the mid way point it is time to re evaluate your first of the year goals and see if your on target to finish on time.  Like making a timeline of what your accomplishments are going to be this year.

Also have you given thought to Holiday Gifts now so you are completed when that event comes into your realm?  Never to soon to start, whether it is a small story about an ancestor the younger ones are not familiar with or a larger folder with more information about the family with pictures to share.

Having just come from the Highland Games you may want to watch for an event that takes place in your community that would stress some of your past ethnicities for the family to become familiar with.
It was invigorating to see so  many of the young dressed and working and sharing about the past culture of their families.

There are German Festivals, Chinese Festivals, Japanese Festivals, Scot and Irish Festivals, African Festivities, all regions of the world if you watch are covered somewhere that would expose family to the events taken place in the past and shared and passed down to the future.

So this is like a warning light blinking in the night saying, Are you making the grade? Is the work getting accomplished you wished for, if not all, at least a good portion of it?

Do you set a Timeline for accomplishments?

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