Monday, June 18, 2012

War of 1812 Memories Created

The War of 1812 came so soon after our Independence, I am sure it evoked many hard harsh words for the families left in the old world. About the time some of the rifts could be breeched  we were in each others faces again.
Having many ancestors in the Rev War it must have chilled those living to the quick. Having two that I know of descendants in the War of 1812 makes me feel lucky in some ways, proud in others.

For Henry HUFFMAN later changed to HOFFMAN it surely was tough. He was born in 1803, his father served in the REV WAR along with many other family members. His Dad  Henry HUFFMAN ( REV WAR) died winter of  1811-12 Will probated Jan 1812. Six month later we are at war again. Henry is 9 years of age, adjusting to no father but many Uncles and Aunts near. He had 4 male brothers ranging in age from 18  to 15, 11 and 6 for siblings. Did Philip go to War  I do not know for sure?  Several sisters to keep them company.

Joseph Higgin's dcd 1840,  was old enough to fight and leave them home. His Daughter Elizabeth was born 1809 so she was a toddler running around with her siblings.  Did he go to War?

What about Christian PLANTS (PLANTZ) wife Catherine HAINES whom had son George?
His father was Leonhardt Plantz wife Margaretta.
George was born 1803 died 1887, did his father go to War?  George married Catherine STOLLAR, she born 1801 to Andrew STOLLAR and Rosanna EALY/ELY.   Did Andrew go to War or help the cause?
Catherine HAINES was the daughter of Josiah HAINES and Abigail RIDGEWAY. How were they affected.

Descendants of these people married into the DuVall/Duvall line. We know Alexander Duvall 2nd served in the REV WAR, he is DAR approved. What of his wife's family. The POWELL's, 5 brothers came west to Washington - Fayette County area with Alexander Duvall and others.

David Duvall being 20 did he serve? I have not found that Jacob served? John Duvall did he serve?
What about Lewis, Hiram and Eli?  Jacob and Eli are my direct ancestors. If they did not serve was it due to the stories there Father talked about from the Rev War, The Indian Wars and raids they endured?

What about the Richey Family in this area that married into the line, What of the Patterson line, Rev Joseph Patterson father of Jane Patterson who married Jacob Duvall.  Eli married Elizabeth Richey, Ritchie?

Now on to Dad's side of family: NOEL JONES listed in 1810 census with wife and son Noyes, is never seen again did he serve and is lost forever? What about any of Susan MADISON's family did they serve? What about Alfred and Addison JOHNSON's line? The BARTLETT line, the SWEET families, HAMMOND families, HAMMETT families what about them?

It seems the list goes on. I have YOUNG's from Me to ILL, FOULK/FOLK from PA we know John FOLK served in Rev War? Did any of his sons serve in War of 1812? We know MYERS served in Rev War, as father son team? Did any of their sons serve in War of 1812?

What of Hannah WRIGHT's family she married Abraham D YOUNG Sr in ME she was born 1781. I am sure she had siblings who may have served, What about the COOK's, from Mass to ME? Abigail married the JESSE WRIGHT. Their children are prime age for the War of 1812.

John SCOTT b VA died KY served in REV WAR, what of his children for War of 1812. What of his wife's siblings LEWIS's, MURRY, MURRAY, MAURY, MORROW and TUTTLE, LANGDON, BRAMMER related kin?

I have a WARDEN that served from Ohio and died in IA/MO town. A Huffman that served in the War of 1812.  WARDEN was an GGGgrandfather. HUFFMAN a GGGUncle.

Have you looked at your ancestors and given credit where due? Did they serve in this War?

 I have a long way to go to fill out this answer on  my charts. Our neglected WAR VETERANS, almost like a more current war we fought in.

Find the Answer did they serve?

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