Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jamboree Tidbits to Share

Jamboree has come and gone. I did try to acquire lots of good information to share with you all regarding various talks I attended.

The most exciting talk was JSTOR by D Joshua Taylor, "A Broader Context: Using STOR for Family History."
It is a Search Engine for researching : Periodicals, Magazines and Journals. It is generally found in any University Library, some College Libraries and some City Libraries. It is free to the user. The key is to get a pass to get into the University to use the library.  You also have to ask the Librarian for the code to use it.
I have been in the College at Southwestern, the Law Library down town years ago and one time into Northridges' Library. Wish I had knowledge of this then.

Then attending a class by  Michael John Neill, "Moving Mother's Inheritance--- an 18th Century Virginia Case Study.  His talk was very informative and I was able to follow and understand all he was discussing since I had already been exposed to some of the very same he was explaining. Virginia Laws changed quite frequently for property owners or potential owners. Marriage Laws did also which affected property ownership. It was a great presentation to learn how they maneuvered around the law.
It was also very time consuming and not a quick fix, it took more than 10 years.

I was able to attend the last of D Joshua Taylor's, "Printed Legends and Missing Footnotes: Dissecting Compiled Genealogies."   What a delight to see the TROWBRIDGE name on the screen. I have been going back and sourcing my TROWBRIDGE line and it seems we share kin, the same line. In so doing I found a discrepancy and have to resolve the situation. He was talking about the same discrepancy I found in February.  I suspicioned kinship when he mentioned SHARP in his research the day before but thought it was an awful long shot. But there it was names dates and data up on the screen. My Great Aunt, her son and her grandaughter did this work for LDS acceptance in the mid 50's and 60's.
It was shared with me in the early 1970's when I asked if they had any knowledge of the lineage.

It truly brings to fore that you have to recheck all those old written supposedly accepted lineages for yourself to be sure. Alas, I have the Richard HIGGIN's Line and Richard STOUT line to do the same thing.

Then I attended Barry J. Ewell's, "30 Second Genealogist...How to Find Genealogy Answers You Want to Know. It was informative and interesting.  Alas my 3 1/2 hours sleep the night before was catching me and I had trouble staying alert.

Sunday was spent repacking, checking out of the room and gathering the Roots Magic books for our members from Bruce B. Then attending Leland Meitzler's,"Germanic Research from the Prospective of a Long Term Genealogy Editor." Excellent talk and I think prospectives are many times more valuable than flat data.  I have to keep telling people Germany was not a state until the 1871.
 A.2. Previous History

It was a collective and non cooperative group of peoples for hundreds of years. I suspect the most put together was the Prussian Empire. But do read what that link says.

We boarded the train to come home and yesterday I received a call I had won, one of Megan's books in a raffle. O Yes, I spoke with her on Saturday as we were passing in a hall and there is hope of another
show but still be worked on.

I finally got my Grandad's picture of his Grandma Great Great to Maureen Taylor.  Ancestry scanned it and I gave her the thumb drive.  I spoke with Lisa Cooke about the great talks she presents on line.
Finally met Matt Olson of World Vital Records. Matt, I am awaiting a picture of us. We were part of the Longest Hangout on Google +  almost a year ago. Maybe a Reunion will be planned for us.
Had a nice talk with Thomas Kemp, Yes I will call you Tom.  Had a couple of chats with the NEHGS bunch, now to see if what they shared works. I sure hope so.  Met a few new people and missed a couple of the ones I normally chat with.  The delight was getting to share a hug with all of Leland M's family, even the baby; getting to meet Bruce B wife, and seeing some of my last year blogging friends.

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