Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Timelines and Clues

Timelines and Clues, do you use them?   Are you aware that a clue you are missing may show up in a time line?  Recently having seen a timeline of Scottish Lineage of people on the Crown, got the gears moving.
Friend and I had a long chat about that timeline. We both wished we had bought it. Even today when the speaker mentioned King James the 6th  of Scotland was King James the 1st for England.  Wait hold up you are 6th and 1st both, two countries, of course somewhat united.

So  if you have a fourth generation person missing, what have you plotted for finding the clues you need to locate that person?

Have you set it up in a graph of some type to show you have: either all or only one child, one parent or both, place where they lived, traveled from or to, when married, when child died, changed jobs or career's, cemetery data, obituaries, tombstone pictures, newspaper clippings about their life or any other pertinent information to help you locate answers.

Have you looked at the  various War Events for clues?  It seems many track the Rev War Veterans but few look for the War of 1812 or Mexican War or other skirmishes that took place in history. Why are we picking on only a couple of the incidents?

Also have you done any medical research? When was there plagues, or diseases running rampart to make living very slim?  Also are you tracking the length of life most members in the family lived during these time frames?

 Time lines can be made up regarding many things and serve for many reasons.

 What about a time line on the church records you hope to acquire or have? Or Vital Records that may not have existed to what is available?

 Wanting to know how a time line has helped you or made  you aware what you did not know you had missing?  Do not be shy speak up.

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