Saturday, June 23, 2012

Book Information for your Research in Pennsylvania and Elsewhere.

 While doing the Pennsylvania Research series many asked where the books could be located I used.. I was glad to find the answer while at the Jamboree in Burbank. Contact me for address.

 Yes, the Pennsylvania Series will be back but am waiting until fall to re start up the program.
 If you have a specific county you need help in do contact me. After 30 years of research in this great state I have some great resources and some that people forget about.

There are many good books written on various areas of the state and some general resource books that I use constantly.

Those whom attend my classes have heard of some. Ancestry put out some good books on general information for all regions in the states. The Source and Printed Sources both are good and I  hear  have been updated not to long ago.

I am a firm believer that everyone needs: The Handy Book for Genealogists; The Researchers Guide to American Genealogy by Greenwood; The Scholastic Atlas of the United States by David Rubel;
500 Brickwall Solutions to Genealogy Problems by publishers of the Family Chronicle Magazine; and a  good book on Citing Sources.

 Citing Sources has been a big push the last ten years and much has been written and much has changed and is still changing. The book's by MILLS is the most popular but there are others not as technical as Mill's.  Yes, our data needs sourced but to what extent is up to you. If your after a lineage connection in a society you best adhere to the intense. If your putting together a family history collection of data, for family use it does not need to be as intense and later some one using it for more connections can add the intense data if needed.

Having read a report this last week that the sourcing pages were twice as long as the small article. That saddens me very much. We are making our selves out to be a people with either serious paranoia or liars and cheaters.

As I expand my research into European fields I find they source very different than we do. I am hoping that there is some day a cohesive form for sourcing data acceptable by all.

Each county has some great resource books for utilization.  Check out and see what the various counties are showing for assistance and the books some of the assistants use.

 Hoping to start posting books to use for various counties as the counties are discussed. First will be the counties already covered that you may want to read at a library or check out if available to take home and enjoy.

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