Friday, April 29, 2011

Modern Gadgets we use in Genealogy

Well there is a Blog Carnival happening and it is about Current tech tools or programs, we use in genealogy.

I have to say I have some programs I use I like. But I am always looking for something that may be easier or better.

Again I was excited about getting an I-Pad and then things happened and I am awaiting to see
if the new computer will stop being non stable before I expend more money.

Right now I am wanting to learn more about the Droid device that Dick Eastman wrote about two days ago that is only $249. I am concerned for spending high dollar with minimal return.

I would never have dreamt my new machine would be so unstable and bouncy and frustrating.

I am looking forward to acquiring a hand held type scanner for pictures for my family from MOm's estate. I would like to know which one you all think is the very best and why. I am hoping to acquire and be doing this within the month.

So instead of talking up a item I use can you all talk up the reason for buying a good hand held scanner device and why that one verses other one. It is like a marketing device I need advise about the device.

I highly suspect my next system will be an HP. Should have done it this time.

I do like the Reunion program but Bruce Buzbee's program is very enticing and I could use it if I changed. I have used PAF, Paf for Mac, FTM, and Reunion, and use for cloud computing.

Now I can talk up it is a great site for sharing and gathering of information
with the ability to share with family and they add their own data. I can say I am a big advocate of


  1. does seem to have merits. I have a free account, but have not upgraded to the pro account.
    I think the flip scanners are the way to go. My next planned buy.You might want to read this.

  2. I've never heard of I'll have to check it out!

  3. A portable scanner is a great help, for sure! I did some comparisons of the Flip-Pal and a flatbed that you might find helpful . You can read about them here:

  4. I found that Office Depot carries a portable Scanner for $100. it does not stitch. But if I get it I can try it for 14 days and return it before 14th day over if not happy. LOL I would return sooner if I did not like it. Not sure I can afford the extra $60 for a stitch system yet.

  5. I eliminated my desktop completely. I use my laptop for everything I ever did on the desktop and since I'm happy with the dell new latest laptops keyboard I haven't missed the desktop at all.