Monday, April 4, 2011

April 6 Lemon Grove Library Event Genealogy 6 pm to 8 pm

8073 Broadway,Lemon Grove, CA 91945 619 463 9819

6 April 2011, Lemon Grove Library. Please do come to this event. We are to determine how many meetings you want a month? What the topics do you want?
Thanks to those who came to the Seminar talk at the Bonita Library on Saturday to hear the Attorney Mr. Murphy and Insurance Agent Mr. Steven's.

Even though we have talked of their topics in the past we were able to learn a lot about Insurance and what areas we should be looking into for information. Yes, there are areas that are public some areas are definitely not.

Of course, we knew Wills were public but I did not know that Trusts were not.

It helps put a complete different spin on the future of genealogy. Where are the phone books for cell phones? Where is the information on items in the past were available to us?

Are you keeping track of all your living relatives that you can so the future will know who is whom and where? Census data is due out next spring. It is has been said that much of it will not be made available and some say only select is available. Others imply we will get it all over a major long period of time.

Library's are talking of tossing books and going only digital? Good Grief they can't get all the books on line now. That means many books we will no longer have access to no matter what.

Worse who is going to keep upgrading the systems of the items put on line and what back up method will they use to preserve them for all to see 40 years from now. Yup, that not important to the people of today.

We are to much of a now generation.

Topics coming up at the Library will be: Mid Atlantic Research and the development of those states, New England Research and the Development of those states, Southern Research and the
Development of those areas, are some topics. I am talking to some speakers on Ireland, Scotland and England. I would love to present a talk on how to use a chat room as a class room to attend on line chats that are genealogical in nature and you can learn from your own home computer.
There are Webanairs, and many new methods coming into our existance. Are you familiar with them and the changes in our research? Do you know what Cloud Computing is? Do you back up your Genealogy on a daily or weekly basis? What formats do you use to back up? Do you carry your research on a thumb drive so you have access if you run into a potential kin?

We will also touch on early American Indian research on the eastern seaboard of our country. If I can locate a speaker for this area then maybe some information on our local tribes history also. IF you know of someone contact me please.

We are to let the Librarian now our topics for her to post to the system so please do come and share your voices.Contact me at for feedback if your not able to attend. I hope you come we miss you.

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