Sunday, May 1, 2011

Genealogists, Historians and Bloggers Let us step to the Plate.

Link for you all to read and understand how we can help.

I just read on my cousins Facebook that more tornado's are being spotted and
the potential for more damage is great.

If you have the ability to get the word to the local people to not toss out the pieces of pictures, bible, school records etc please do. I do not know who all blogs in the southern region but a few.

We never learned even if we lost a blogger home or a genealogist, historians house but I can guarantee you that we did. Whether they were active or just did their own family they are
historians for their family and the Keeper of those Keys.

Looking at all the photo's and papers and albums and hand work found tells me we have some awesome
terrific outstanding people out there.

We need to make sure that the farmer and the townperson whom finds data of any kind gets it to any of the safe places for it to be matched to it's owner or to it's descendants family.

I should have pulled the store owners name when I was scanning the photos that have been posted.

Channel 19 WHNT likes this and slowly we hope others will step up.

We as humans do strange things in times like this and one will call it debris and another a family treasure no matter how broken.

People need to know that there are places to notify if they have located any items, quilts, crochet, knitting, books, albums, scraps of pictures and any other thing that the winds took to air, with.

Right now they are posting Tornado warnings for West Tenn and eastern Arkansas. Laine cousin dear be safe. Tina you do the same, all of you out there please take care and help those to get the word to others not to toss because it's a half picture etc.

It is amazing how well some of the photo's have come through these storms.

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