Saturday, April 23, 2011

Interesting Tidbits garnered from Curt B Witcher, again.

Improving Societies and Gain Members

Listening to Curt B Witcher as he talks on the FGS blog radio talk.

Sharing the url here and hope you all listen to this.

I was surprised to hear a statement he said but it made sense.

If everything is always the same and if your not willing to reach out to make change and
bring people in we are not going to win more members. He said that (Same) is a scary word to
hear us genealogists use to work with in the society.

We are moving in the right direction but we need to pick up the pace and expose our
members to more methods of exposure.

Wanting so much to learn how to do a webanair, expose the members to a blog radio show like
this one.
Sad to say, I am not technical for doing research. I am still learning computerize.

My goal is to have our members log into a chat room and learn a topic about a various place
they are wanting to learn more about from the comfort of their home. At a time they are not
working and can share in the dialogue.

He also mentioned another word we need to be careful of using. I will make a comment about
the other word next time.

Suspecting major change is on the horizon for genealogists in our very near future. My fear
is we do not leave behind the ones who are older and do not have the ease of access that has
moved us forward.

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