Sunday, April 10, 2011

Genealogy Events on Line to Learn About and Attend

The only events here that everyone can not attend are those hosted on unless you have that as an address all others you can access.
' I teach Vital Records Chat with Rita on Thursday evening 6 pm pacific time. Each week a different Vital Record topic.

Dae and Jayne have been working Golden Gate Forum of old hosts also. We have been doing this for probably almost 15 years or more for some.

Fortunately for you all that Dae and Jayne also do chats(classes) on line at Also check out Dae's page for links to use in Genealogy.

Here is the schedule Dae sent me for this week.
Jayne & Dae's Weekly Genealogy Chats Reminder

For a real genealogical journey! 11 April 2011
Mondae, 11-Apr-11, GENTREK presents "America's Forgotten Insurgents." The past few years have changed all of our lives. For what we now believe is the first time, Americans know that we are no longer isolated from terror in the world. But there were other insurgents ... Join us at 9:00 pm EST in the AOL Genealogy Chatroom.

Mondae, 11-Apr-11, GENTREK presents "Nonconformist Researching." Nonconformists in England were Protestants who did not conform to the state recognized Church of England. Many American researchers have similar nonconformist ancestors whose families and backgrounds in England are nonconformist. Discovering if this is the case for a given ancestor and finding information about the forbears of that ancestor can be difficult using standard English research procedures. Come join us at 10:00 pm EST in the Genealogy Wise Chatroom.

Thursdae, 14-Apr-11, GENTREK presents "Evaluating the Evidence We Have Researched." It has been almost 14 years (summer 1997) since the Board of Certification of Genealogists rejected the phrase, "preponderance of evidence," or POE, as a standard of proof. How do we prove a family relationship, if no record clearly contains the required information? Come learn with us at 10:00pm EST in the chatroom of Looking4Kin.

Saturdae, 16-Apr-11, GENTREK presents our "Guide to Passenger Lists" Often more time is spent hunting for our ancestors on ship passenger lists than any other type of research. In our naiveté we might assume the records will reveal the country our ancestors left. It isn't always that simple. Come join us at 10:00 AM EST in the Genealogy Wise Chatroom.

U.S. Civil War Chats
Thursdae, 14-Apr-11 — The American Civil War History chat will be presented by Jim Avery. He will tell us about the Farnsworth House in Gettysburg. Join us each week at 11 PM EST in the AOL chatroom, Ancestral Digs.

Fridae, 15-Apr-11, The American Civil War History chat will present "THE WRECK OF THE PRISONERS TRAIN." Not all the tragic waste of human life in the Civil War was on the battlefields and in the hospitals and prison camps. Far removed from the fighting front, in the Northeast corner of Pennsylvania, near the little town of Shohola in Pike County, more soldiers died in the early afternoon of Friday, July 15, 1864 than were killed in many of the small battles that have received some notice in published Civil War history. Please join us at 10 PM EST in the AOL chatroom, Ancestral Digs.

ShoeString Genealogy
Check out the utilities for Searching for Living Relatives.

And don't forget to vote for ShoeStringGenealogy: WorldWide Top Sites

Spring is sprung!
GENTREK for Saturdaes will continue throughout April, after which it will go on hiatus during the warmer weather. Get up earlier this Saturdae and join all of us!
Relevant Links
ShoeString Genealogy

Bits of Blue & Gray

Genealogy Wise


Tips from our chatters
You know...chats like this really help bring things back that we might have forgotten or rekindle the fire that we have when we start this quest...thanks Jayne/Dae ~~ Bob Mooney-PA,

I have a couple of more hints in researching women before normal documents (1800 or so) research the neighbors, friends and 2nd cousins of the man about the time of his marriage, particularly in Virginia and research any surnames that persistently show up later as neighbors and slave records. ~~ RKat91,

Last year a friend brought a film in and on the film a parish priest buried an old man and stated he was baptized a fortnight hence a despicable character who I am sure the devil was waiting with open arms for him actually written in the parish registers. ~~ BCRick,

I was bamboozled by Ft Wayne but love our Carlsbad and the new Hemet Library and the Los Angeles City Library stuffed with more data than I have ever seen in one spot. ~~ Susi (Susan C Jones) Pentico,

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