Saturday, March 26, 2011

2 April 2011 Bonita Library Free Genealogy Seminar 10 to 2 pm

2 April 2011 Bonita Library Genealogy Seminar FREE FREE FREE 10 am to 2 pm

Mr. Michael Murphy and Mr Del Stevens are presenting us some interesting facts that we can apply to our research. I am sure they will be sharing lots of interesting and fun information for us.

There will be talking done about Wills, Probates, and things related to that will help enlighten us for knowledge. There will be talking shared about Insurance and how it may affect our research.

We ask often what if they suffered a fire, a flood a loss of home? Are there records to learn more. I have found in some states yes. I am anxious to learn more about Insurance.

I am really excited to hear a lawyer's prospective on the Wills, Probates, and what it does to affect our research also. We have lots of exposure to these documents but I am sure this angle will help us have a new prospective on researching them.

There will be opportunity drawings and other activities to browse through also.
Forms and books and computer knowledge will be shared.

IF you would like to register ahead do so at our CVGS website.

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