Sunday, August 5, 2018

Tidbits about 3 Topics Shared-- Grand Rapids, MI

                Jen Baldwin Notes

 Yeast, Grains, Hops and Water: The Impact of Beer in Early America

1                    Beer and Tavern License
2.            Arrests
3             Who were the Brewers
.                   Yale College had Brewery
5.                 13 Year Prohibition
6                   Your Families Stories
7                   Weather affected the business 
8                   Harvest or no
9                   American Early Taverns -  book to read
1            1726 British Newspaper Archives

 Virtue, Liberty, and Independence,
 PA Research by Kristin Harms

1.     Information by request
4.     Family Search
5.     Pa Genealogical Society
6.     Pa Historical Society
7.     County Libraries and the societies in them
8.      Many of them have websites and group events
9.     Newspapers, Church, Tax, Land, Will, probate, Deeds,
10.  Everything that pertains to every day life applies.

The Nature of Genealogy Through a War of 1812 Ancestor by Tony Burroughs

   1 Talk covered Fayette Co. PA
   2. Library of Congress Records
   3.  National Archives
   4.  Find My Past
   5.   Family Knowledge
   6.  Military Records, pictures, books
   7.  US Military Records by James Nagle
   8. Deep Waters- Sailors,  Shallow Waters- soldiers
   9.  Wikipedia
 10.  Learn history of area of service person (remember it was continuation of  RW)

Susi Pentico  If requesting more data contact me.  July 2018

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