Sunday, August 26, 2018

How Social Media Can Help Your Research.

Last evening we  reviewed some more of the classes I attended in Grand Rapids, Mi for NGS.

It was fun to see them look at each other and say,"That makes sense".  The side bar is, it makes sense but do we think of it when doing research.  That is the difference.

Maureen Taylor gave 5 reasons for using Social Media:

1. Share  Photos and Family History

2. Mobile Friendly, + can use on the go, it's free.
     It’s really easy to use. Download the apps and sign up for a free account. You can view
     or upload images and information. All your favorite genealogy companies have social
     media pages.

3. Social Media: It can be Cousin Bait.
    She suggested using Hashtags.{We all knew what they did but not how to do them. We will have a
    class on how to use them} (to me it will be a short cut to locate research material or names)
4. Networking with Other Genealogists,
    Collaborate with relatives, meet professional genealogists,Talk about your research or
    ask for help when you need it.
5. Keeping up with the Latest News
    From news feeds, to posts by other genealogists to user groups/focus groups, social

    media is the leading way to stay up to date with new record sources and tools.
    Including Social Sites: Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. 

    She recommends using your key surname and making a private site, for all researching that name       on Facebook program.

She had so many other wise words to share and she is as great today as she was the first time I met her many years ago at Jamboree.

This got lost.. Here it is.

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