Sunday, August 19, 2018

Review Grand Rapids Information by Maureen Taylor & James Brewster

  We reviewed  3  speakers and I have permission to post from two. Can only share what 3rd talked about.

Maureen Taylor   Social Media  5 Reasons you should use it.

It’s a Great Way to Share Photos and Family History

Mobile friendly: You can add to your feed while you’re out with family.
It’s Easy and Free
It’s really easy to use. Download the apps and sign up for a free account. You can view
or upload images and information. All your favorite genealogy companies have social
media pages.

Social Media: You Can Use it as Cousin Bait
Hashtags are like subject headings. Use specific ones and create unique ones. When
you click on a hashtag, it’ll take you to other posts that use the same heading.

Networking with Other Genealogists
Collaborate with relatives. Meet professional genealogists. Talk about your research or
ask for help when you need it.

Keeping up with the Latest News

From news feeds, to posts by other genealogists to user groups/focus groups, social
media is the leading way to stay up to date with new record sources and tools.

Social Sites,   Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn,  etc.

She recommends using your key surname and making a private site for all researching that name on Facebook program.

These are great tips and I will add one of mine.

I follow much surnames of my family via  
It has broken many brick walls.


DNA Tidbits from Jim Brewster

Set Up Account

Create a Tree

Autosomal Results 

Share Matches

Contact those people with matches YES

Shared URL's  by Jim B.
Beginner’s Guide to Genetic Genealogy -
ISOGG Wiki -
DNA Explained -
Yahoo DNA newbie Group -

 His Information is so right on.  Sharing information with others many say to me, "Susi  but they don't have a tree so I do not contact them."  They don't feel it worth it. SO SO WRONG.
 It is worth the effort to do that. Myself have found 3 new linking families to my tree filling in the blanks.

My latest was someone who had data I had hunted for, for ten years. They just have a private tree and  I am still trying to convince them to  open it to at least people of that surname.



Cousins are your Best Friends, was a great talk.

Since I can not share her information, I am  going to share what it reminded me of for sharing with  you.  I actually talked about this about 10 years ago at an event.

In grammar school we used to play various word games and our Cousins are those words.

I agreed with the speaker that distant cousins sometimes are answers more than close cousins.

Lets take a current situation. Your Grandma dies or your MOM or your DAD.  But you did not live close and now they are gone there are many things you wished you had asked.

They had 5 or maybe 8 siblings and maybe 3 to 7 children.   Each person will remember them differently.  Each person had their own relationship with them bringing different points of interest to the fore.

Just take our last 4th of July.  ASK each person whom attended the picnic party that day what they remembered.  You will get the same answers but not the same, and sometimes, something some one else completely missed. 

This also  applies to your parents and grandparents and distant relatives. Some times it will be neighbor that will provide you with a key that you need and didn't even know it was a key or needed.

Think about your best friend and your sharing, male or female.  

For me cousins were always my best friend and they still are today.  Partially because my parents
said,"FAMILY COMES FIRST."    Having lived my life that way I  probably started with a broader base for information than many friends and cousins.

So do not be afraid to write to these strange names and persons and find out what they remember about your Parents, Grandparents, Uncles or Aunts.  When stuck see if you can contact their neighbors for information. 
Remember the above still applies: "LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED".

  Would love to hear of your results doing this last one earnestly.


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