Friday, August 17, 2018

If you are Looking for Mayflower Information

As you are looking you may want to take an advantage of the data that is on Facebook that has active researchers sharing names and information and data. I found this link last week and have located several distant kin that has helped me to fill in some blank spots.

This is some of the things I learned to look for via Maureen Taylors talks in Michigan at NGS.

(6) PLYMOUTH COLONY Massachusetts Genealogy 1620-1775 Welcome, everyone, to this group for all descendants of Plymouth Colony families who settled in what is today's Plymouth, Bristol, and Barnstable County families! This also includes the Old Rehoboth (now East Providence, RI and Seekonk, MA today). These early settlers left millions of descendants today. Not all of them are Mayflower families, however there have been many intermarriages for several generations. If you want to focus more on your Mayflower lines or if you need help with them, please join the recommended Mayflower group (look for its circle), they have lots of experts and knowledgeable members in there.

The rest you can read for yourself.

 Having been using NEHGS site for research which is also a great site for help and information.
 First after them I found New England Family Genealogy and History. 

This also has a tremendous amount of information to share and help one with. 
Sharing Research, Stories, Photos & Family Data about New England (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut) PLEASE RESPECT THE RULES:

Lost and Found Genealogy Pictures Here is another that can help with photographs.

Will be sharing sites for other areas soon. There are many many awesome groups that care on this site reminds me of the old and Golden Gate Forum of old.

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