Tuesday, April 10, 2018

What do you SAVE???

I know what the papers say and the timelines needs, but what do you really save for the future?

Mom always had us hold Xmas cards and if some one died she kept their last one so she would have it and their signature. Especially if the deceased was family.

I have always kept the Christmas letter from kin. Making sure to add data to tree if any was given.

Saving newspaper clippings, Obituaries, marriage, birth and significant news in papers and quarterlies.

We take way to many pictures.  My thoughts 5 children split them up and 10 grands so split it up some more.  Learning some save very little for future references, what will the down line receive or remember or be able to thumb through and bring back memories of days gone bye.

I think certain Birthdays need recognized and some Anniversaries too. Always amazed at how many d o not make 25 or 18 years.  How many years married  25, 50, 60?

Found that some lines of the family are on their last links and going to go away in my generation.

Wills, Deeds, and government data is a given, but what do you save for the family to remember the family when you are gone.?

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