Sunday, April 29, 2018

Landed NGS. YES

NGS with sun, no snow,  
Ironic, I left my papers behind.

But I am here,

Read the Syllubus.
Not like Jamboree.


Hoping to meet some of my new found Facebook Kin and Freinds.

Learn more on Erie Canal.   New York and  DNA.

Not like typing on  I Pad..

To plan events, no times given, no idea if what I pick is same time, aha the handout has time, big boo boo.

Guess I will find out. w101,  w1335.,w125;, w145,  

Thursday.  T205; T213;  T245,  T222,  T270, 

Friday. F310,  F319,  F320,  F321, F332, F350,  F351;  F349 + F354,  

Saturday, S402;  S410;  S412; F416;

Some great potential events.

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