Saturday, April 14, 2018 is Reawakening.....Boyd Researchers look here.

 Re Awakening or so it appears.  Daily I get another email saying this list is working or that list is working.

 We are waiting anxiously and not patiently for you to get the rest of it up for us to use.

Today I wanted to share that one of the lists has some one from Australia asking for our help.

He is a BOYD researcher and it seems all those helping him all have hit a brick wall.

 I am posting his original notice so any and all Boyd's can contact him.  It appears he has done some very heavy and thorough research with help also from others. Only way to go Sir.
Let me introduce myself

I have been doing my own Boyd family from Killarney, County Kerry since 1980.  This family started in 1792, but we have not ben able to find out any details of Thomas Boyd’s parents James Boyd and Ann Nester and their origins.  So after a short period, I thought it was easier to look for other known Boyd families to find a connection to James Boyd and Ann Nester (which I have yet to find).  But in the process I have now collected some 870 Boyd Family Chapters.  (Some of these are only the parents and a child, while others are some 160 pages long.  Over 10.000 pages)

In 2002, I was appointed Chairman of the Historical Committee, for the House of Boyd Society (Clan Boyd)

So I have been collecting any known Boyd family that I can find – both male and female – and their descendants since 2004 when I have visited Libraries in the UK and the USA.

I have several Boyd families along the Hudson Valley from New Windsor, Orange co., NY to Kent, Putman Co. NY, Salem, Washington co., NY and Albany County, NY.  I will post separate message on these over the next few days.  Somme of these family members have done to New York City.

So if you have a Boyd in your family tree, I would like to hear from you please.

Thank you

Mike Boyd

Brisbane, Aust.

I have saved his first three notices, but wanted to share with others. It is only way to maybe find answers.

This method was the reason the group when we started this blog chose this title.  Ancestor Seekers by the Root Bound.  

Mike Boyd, I wish you much success. So far I do not believe I have found a Boyd body. 

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