Saturday, March 10, 2018

Lots of News Out There.

Lots of News Out There.

 Do you read Judy's The Legal Genealogist: NY’s black hole gets blacker.

It is a must for New York Researchers.

This is such a disgusting way for our government workers to make Citizens upset.

Instead of reaping rewards they are burying their heads. My opinion.

If you are a member of NEHGS they have some great things coming up to enjoy.
Creating a Research Plan:
Tips from NEHGS Research Services

April at both meetings will be TIMELINE Topic for all, both Lemon Grove and Bonita-Sunnyside Library.   Besides what is coming out in the Newsletter.

If you become a member of the society you will get the newsletter which is printed monthly, note quarterly. You can also access many of us older members surnames that are on our Society Web Page.

We want to remind people we have a Genealogical Section at the 4th and F St Branch, Civic Center Library. After you browse the book, put in on the rack near wall to be reshelved.  That way library and members know the books are being read, browsed. We have some important series that were books that will not go out of need. Source books.  We have many Surname books.  We were originally told we must reshelf them 20 years ago. It has changed and we have to readapt to the new process.  Please come and spend some time learning more about your kin.

Remember we meet the 1st Saturday of every month at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library to be available to help those whom work during the week. 1 to 4 pm 

We meet at Lemon Grove Library in the evenings. 6 to 8 pm . day and hours may change but still at that time and day.  I can be reached at 

This is the Educational Blog for any and all doing research.

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