Thursday, March 8, 2018

A Note ---- Roberta Estes wrote on her blog Everyone needs to Read .

Roberta Estes, has become a great friend over the last 10 years.  She first came to me in an article about THE LOST COLONY.  Next I learned she lived near our son in Michigan.  Alas, my trips were for caretaking of family and she was off to Roanoke Island  most trips east.

Hopefully on the next trip we will meet.  But please click on this link below and do a follow up of helping resolve issues mentioned there in.

Knowing the long lines mentioned in Randy Seaver's posts and the sessions closed almost before being opened there was a need for a change in my mind.

Having set aside funds for special events, I have to spend carefully, most all of us do, really.

Roberta Estes I want to say "Thank You" for such well written description of the situation.
Following the cousins and friends on Facebook whom attended, it seems to echo their comments on a daily or more often basis.  You just need to read their posts.

Genealogy has really changed over the many years I have been exposed to the larger crowd.
We went from pencil, paper , ink and typewriters to computers and then and many other groups. Absolutely used and as much as, they were our early go to's in Computers. Thanks Brian Leverich, Was so glad to meet you so long ago and what you did to move our research abilities forward.  I also enjoy using Linkpendium, Linkedin, and Whitepages.

Many groups have come and gone, some swallow others up, others still are creating new sites and places to research.

As someone said the other day, they had so many links saved to use she would never get them all covered.

Remembering when Cindy of Cindy's List started.  Wow a group of 50 urls was a major event.
Thanks to and it started in Kentucky.

Planners need to rethink and resolve and I pray they can do it for our future and the future genealogists of our world.

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