Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Lots of Interesting things to read in the Mail.

  I am  trying to catch up on my emails and deleting more advertising.  I have learned some new
ideas for research and some tidbits for storing.  Tomorrow I have to clear my desktop again.

 When on Facebook, Do you ever look at the surnames of the members and see if any are related to you?   I did and found a few new threads to weave into the mat.

 Yes, having even used the JONES name.. one day I will really attack the Smith name.

 Called a member friend today and she wasn't home.  She is fighting a battle with Cancer and I am in  a worry over her . Another member did a face plant and ended up in ER with stitches. She is recovering at home. Here is hoping our members reach out to our members in times of duress.

Have you gone over to Genealogywise.com and looked at what they offer? It was part of  your January/ February homework.   Want to try a class in the chat room with us all setting at home.

Much like the old Golden Gate Forum days. http://www.genealogywise.com/profiles/blogs/fifty-shades-of-green  is my  blog there but you can see the other things they offer.  Message board that is really active. Chat room, a few blog posters and many people you know and probably do not know go there to share.

Also enjoy very much reading Scholastic news for teachers and others.  I also post tidbits  to Facebook for follow up for you all to be aware of.

Learned they have cadaver dogs looking for ancient REV WAR and CIVIL WAR burial places.

Also followed friends and cousins on their adventure at Roots Tech.

Trying to clear plate so I can work on DNA matches and resolve how to read the matches.

Scholarships  Applications will be up next month.  If you know of a Senior at any Sweetwater Union HIgh School they need to see their Counselor.

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