Monday, March 12, 2018

Jamboree At Burbank 2018 Some People I know

Jamboree At Burbank  2018 Some People I know

Amazing things happen some times.   I read with great interest that fellow co workers of long, long ago are going to grace the grounds of the Jamboree.

As a working member of the old Golden Gate Forum as Host GFS Susi, who shared information about the Mid Atlantic States for 8 + years. I was graced with Jayne doing Delaware because it was her home state. I covered the others with help from various other speakers. We even had a newsletter that was shared amongst the members.  We had fun and we learned a lot as we also were helping others learn about Genealogy and History.  RIP Jayne.

Seeing that Drew Smith, MLS is going to grace the halls of the Jamboree. Not sure when I saw him last but not been to many years, maybe at a Jamboree as with Dear Myrtle. (Pat)
He is writing books and travels and shares knowledge with other genealogical groups and societies.
He discusses Cluster Research to get past your brick walls. He talks of many topics. Wow from way back in the early 1990's.

Then up comes another persons name and I see it less often that Drew's but was delighted to see it.
Angela Walton-Raji. BA,MEd.  Was so excited to see she is doing well and will be at Jamboree.

Angela, hi, I am waving to you.

She is great discussing Native American Genealogy and Slaves and Freedman and Women in many rolls.  A Great team player and knowledge galore. Love this ladies personality.

Then I see Cheri Mello, MA on the list another Golden Gate Forum person. Yes we have seen each other at Jamboree before.

On Facebook I see and share knowledge with other Golden Gate Forum peoples.

There are other people as speakers I have known for years but because many used hidden names I am not sure if there were more I should recognize.  Nice to see a cousin as a speaker, she must be thrilled.

May 31 and June 1 and 2 for actual Conference. Marriott Hotel Burbank, CA

But  you need to sign up now because they always seem to run almost or out of beds for all the attendees.  It is packed but so much fun.   I would like to find my FOULK cousin I saw there a few years ago.

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