Saturday, January 20, 2018

What Adventures mean in Genealogy Research by Susi Jones Pentico

 Wondering about a neat adventure.  We dig our family and their accomplishments in their lives.
 We wonder what made them do what they did. We get excited when we find unusual information.

 We are always on the prowl for more information. Sure we may have: Birth, Marriage, Children's Names and Death.  But we also need their  spouses names and children.

So where did they all live or migrate to? Did the stay in the same area or all wander off but one or the reverse, they all stayed but one.

What does that situation imply to us?  Was their an argument, Did they draw straws, was it always that person or persons plans?

Some we can determine by conjecture.  The Civil War sent men away from home, some very far away, some not so far.

Some of our lines found fertile and greener pastures in some of the areas they saw and they moved westward.  Some came all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Some just gradually moved westward or northern or south.

So if  you go back to Revolutionary War era, do you wonder what caused them to defend and create this country or instead back the other side.  We have lines that did both, ironic right.

We (many of us) saw the movie about how the Irish were so abused in the war?? but was it really abuse or their escape from something worse?  

So many questions so little time.

A dear cousin is doing a great research project on War Veteran's in our Family?  Have you considered doing some thing like this.

Wondering if Teague Jones fighting the Narragansett Indians would qualify. Of course his buddy Richard Berry did the same and the family married making our line of people.

Our family lines are filled with War Veterans,  from the 1600's forward and probably many years before.

So we could do this with the term Farmer ?? maybe but they were many things besides Farmers.
How about Bone Setters, later called Doctors, Surgeons, and Nurses?  What about Carpenters, whom many were actually  Engineers?  How many were painters and were well known, Yes we have at least one,  What about Opera Star or famous singers?  Yes we have those too.

Tis not surprising to see so many nurses in the family, writers, painters, vocal artists, band artists,
cattlemen, (very special breed), military career men, bakers, hat makers, and the list goes on.

What lines would your research show for your tree?  Do you realize if your grandchildren seen the various things that happened before them they may venture out into doing some interesting things themselves?

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