Saturday, January 27, 2018

Obituaries, where will you find them. ??

  It is so great to have others share their thoughts with us and remind us to remind others that things are not always where you think they are.

 Thomas Kemp wrote a blog post. Shown here, You should read.

But also you need to be aware of even more than what he has stated.  One of the biggest tips I received was in the ad section of a very old newspaper in Utica, NY.   The time period was 1830's 1840's as a JONES was migrating from Renssealer Co. Ny to Utica and later found in Allegany Co. NY.  

Yes it was  NOEL JONES, but none of the facts fit.  Had hoped I had found him.

But I will share that is a case study many need to read and grasp how the courts worked then.
Alas they worked like today.  I learned about 6 months ago the Judge who tried the court case regarding Noel Jones Will being falsified, was the then wife's Uncle.   It should have been thrown out for many reasons.  This NOEL JONES children got nothing due to changes she made after he Noel was laced with a drug, at her request and ultimately died.  They filed because of the drug.

The oldest child, a woman and siblings filed a petition to throw out the erroneous Will. The Judge allowed it even after the Doctor said it was wrong.  

Very interesting read to say the least.  If it was my ancestor he was treated so shabby it breaks my heart how humans act and have acted over the years.

The paper listed a Noel JONES and son lived in Utica from Petersburg? area b 1814?  The boy was to young to be Noyes b 1809 .   His name was different and there was no mother.  A long list of why this Noel JONES is not very likely to have been mine,  married to Susannah and my Noel recorded Noyes JONES birth in the town clerk records.  They also showed in the 1810 census.  

The 1820 census has the name NOEL JONES and the sons' age much much younger than Noyes and I have followed him out and it was not my Noyes.   Paper trail via newspaper led me to sw New York Allegany Co. and the nightmare that followed,  in his living in that area.

So if you are looking at a newspaper. Look at all the data in the newspaper.

Had a cousin that saved all old Greene Co. PA newspapers and the data we were able to pull from various sources was a snap.  Found in Selling column, buying, marriage, birth, death data, etc.  News of the day and just read it from beginning to end and do not miss a clue.

Thomas Kemp thanks for reminding me to tell people that newpsapers have more data than most people are aware of.

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