Monday, January 1, 2018

Some things I learned last year.

Some places to look at and maybe share.

DNA.LAND.webloc   more information on DNA.
Interesting blog
more DNA explanations.

Mr. Samuelson's site.
This is the site about the 1885 Census

Do you check Twitter?   I have found some neat information on Twitter.

Many yet do not do FACEBOOK, either it is one of the hottest places for research,
I suspect it will be hotter this year.

O yes ROBERTA ESTES Blog is great for layman to read and understand for DNA data.

I worked with her on the LOST COLONY PROJECT as a side line and still think two of those names on the disappeared list belong to me.

We will be discussing what Libraries can offer us this coming Saturday at the Bonita -Sunnyside Library 6 Jan  1 to 4 pm  


One of the biggest things I learned was, Autosomal DNA is what is needed when lost. But it did not exist 10 years ago like it does today.

We can thank God my husband survived Cancer and my brother is recovering from 4 bypass surgery on heart recently, plus all the other events that occurred.

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