Monday, January 29, 2018

Family Search..... obviously with woes and joys.

  Family Search has really created an interesting platform.  Recently being asked by fellow genealogist how to remove her tree from the Family Search group and then learned from a very responsible person RS that you can not delete you work.

MMMmmm.  I have to concur with the person asking for help. I myself have just seen someone has again perpetuated an error in our Duvall tree.  For 25 years, we have attempted to correct it, posted on blogs and webpages and various sources with other Duvall family members,  all working to remove errors.

We thought we had finally conquered the beast. I clicked on a link from Family Search a few days ago and their it has risen its, erroneous ugly head. WHY WHY WHY.

So when the lady posted someone had connected a wrong tree to her site she asked me how to remove it.  Alas  RS says it can not be removed. It is her tree not ????

I would like to post RS answers but must ask him for permission first.

Giving people erroneous information helps no one NO ONE.

Being in the process of having my old back up drive hopefully opened and data retrieved, where most of our sources were listed and saved.  Going through old letter files maybe some of the data will resurface.  I know for a fact about 3 ways the Duvall data is WRONG.

Rev War records, family records, thinking as other cousins helped with this, it could be achieved.
Rootsweb is where we exchanged much data and they took it away. To save us they say.

I do not even have the names of all the researchers with the fact the back updrive died? or at least that is what Best Buy said.  Have found another facility will check to see if data can be retrieved awaiting return of the drive. More to follow.

So where are the joys.  I surely am not sure. If data on my lineage is erroneous how do we know there isn't massive errors on other lines too. RS says he must be diligent to have messes from happening.  Thinking I am going to pull back and keep on my computer genealogical program and maybe???? some day share with the world. World is definitely not ready for honesty.

After telling us suddenly in the 70's and 80's things need heavily sourced what is happening here.
Much I could have had Grandparents write in their own hand if that had been the case ditto for great grands and uncles and cousin of long ago.  YESK.

Alas some written in their hand, the US Government lost in moving us to Hawaii from San Diego. Almost all my Great Grandmothers letters. Letters hubby wrote to me, Letters from my Grandparents and dear family members that were already gone when we made that move, pictures of our new born daughter and her first trip to the zoo.  So much was lost in that large box.

Of course now it was a life time ago and yet people keep not being diligent.

Blessings and you all have fun.

I have to clear more boxes to see if I can find more back up information since drive is still down.
Cleared one more yesterday.

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