Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Xmas Event Now Past.

Xmas Event Now Past

 We had about  30 members in attendance.  We learned several are down with a bug? also.

 We had a nice presentation by our members on what was their favorite Xmas gift.  Many brought
 the item and some had Gary show pictures.

 Amazed at how many wished for a horse.  I got my horse for birthday. I got my doll for Xmas right after the War.  Another member got their horse for a Xmas gift. Two of us shared our first Xmas with a critical ill child and with excellent Dr's and God's Blessings they are both a live today.

Many have been in the military community almost all their life.  More than I was aware of. Love when they open up and talk about their past. It helps to get to know them better.

I think it helped members to understand other members more than before.

We need more time to bound and chat to cement our society into a good working group again.

 We are having a special event in February at our monthly meeting to help bring this about.
 Feb 28. CV Main Library 4th and F St.  

The film clips Gary Brock showed were terrific to get people to relax.  Thanks Gary very much.  We missed Wanda being there.

Many went home with Poinsetta's.  Shirley got the Santa. I forgot to buy the Angel.  Brother had surgery and sorta preoccupied.   Sorry.

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