Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Possessions, Evacuations and Planning

Possessions, Evacuations and Planning

 We got a violent message on our TV and phones in regards to the extreme high winds and the worry of fire.

  Feeling very bad for those who lost all in Montana and Idaho and Washington and Northern California earlier this year.  Some of our family members lost their homes and all their possessions, fortunately we did not loose them.

  Now dear friends and more family are in danger in  Lower California.  Various regions of Los Angeles area, areas east and near and on the border. I suspect near Tecate from the smoke we are seeing.  It seems we are being reminded we are not here forever and we are probably to involved in
personal things than in others needs.

  It is Christmas and Hannakuh.  Are we busy getting gifts for each other or reaching out to those that have no home, clothes (very Minimal) or trinkets.  Hoping everyone is at least saying a prayer that they will get the help and care from others that is so needed.  

  What about all the genealogy, pictures and family possessions that they no longer have?  Have you thought of reaching out and offering pictures and sharing your data with them to replace some of what they lost.  Grandma or Grandpa's picture,  a deceased siblings photo.

   Are  you ready in case you have to evacuate? I know I would never be able to get all my inherited data out of this house because family made me keeper of the keys. Photos help to preserve the pictures of things. Our personal things are together ready to grab and go.

   These fires remind me it is way past time to pass much of this on to the younger keeper of the keys.

    When we looked at this home it was clean and new. When we moved in we had 3 "s of ash through out this house and it was over a year before I think we got it all out.   When my parents burned we found ash 7 years later in the weirdest of places.

  So please take a few minutes and pick up and put together some of the nonreplaceable items, such as photos, and certificates and Medals of Honor from Wars,  Ribbons, etc.

  This applies for floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes.  Today we felt at 4.1 quake.
I feel we are so over due for a major shaker.

  Have a great holiday season but give the season serious thoughts of what it truly about and respond in kind.   Blessings on all.

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