Monday, October 2, 2017

Two Things To Think About & Do.

 Okay over on my family blog I did a survey that Shirley Becker's daughter posted on  Facebook.
Ok, don't wrinkle your nose but go look at it.  It will help your grandchildren know a bit about  you.
Especially if they did not grow up near you.

Thinking this is a marvelous way to mention some of your past for the younger generation to be aware of your past.

Now the second thing I want to chat about is another persons blog post today. It was written by Family Sleuther.

Posted: 01 Oct 2017 09:35 AM PDT

Some of my close friends say how do you find these clues and add information to your tree or files?

 I loved the comment made that is this on this blog page.

(What could drive a family historian to commit precious time to researching the lives of strangers?)
from above mentioned Blog. 

Suspecting my growing up gave me some clues to do this method and listening to Dr. G Schweitzer, really made this idea grow and be used by myself.

After all, my parents grew up in the same community. Several siblings on each family were always interlinked and intermingled. My Aunts, Uncles, even Great Aunts, Great Uncles were in this neck of the woods.  Great Grandad was there on the Foulk side and then got mad and moved back to Iowa.

Dad told me that story with his eyes twinkling.  The HOFFMAN side came from Iowa because the weather was better in Wheatland area of Wyoming than Monroe/Appanoose Co. area of IA. The moved west and Grandad worked for his DUVALL  cousins.   Dad's Dad(JONES) moved from Iowa, Chickasaw area to Wheatland to live with the cousins DREW's. Of course that brought the FOULK line. DAD'S MOM. Then her parents. 

When we visited we hit Grandparents home first then off to other homes to visit the first day and let them know we were there. YUP took me years to figure the LAWRENCE connection.  Dad's side.
Because they were almost always next. Then the SCOTT's and other family members and when young was always told they were friends.  HULSE< HOLCOMB  two names I am still working on but figure they also must be kin.  Dad always called the lady Grandma HULSE and she did Grandmother him all her life, even when we moved away and to California.

Having many more names that interlinked in my parents conversations of their friends and family, I was able to nail down some from Dad and Mom. Some being on Dad's side we did not know the linkage. 

Mom's mother was a SCOTT, father was a HOFFMAN related to DUVALL.   The FOULK, JONES, LAWRENCE, DREW, HOLCOMB, HULSE LINES , can be tracked back once one starts looking.

I know as parents group up and their siblings married it pulled in many more local names to track.
Interestingly some of them about 3  generation's back were also related. 

Cluster research pays off in huge dividends. 

Family Sluether, thanks for writing that post and to learn how to make it work, look at the chart that is presented and read the information.  I do not think we should ever do research with out looking at the whole instead of picking out the pieces.  You do the pieces when you are stuck and will be confused less often using this method.

Write me and let me know if you gave this a try and tell Family Sleuther thanks for writing this to remind me I should speak up about it.  

Thanks FamilySleuther.

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