Thursday, October 12, 2017

Time to Pause in Your Life by Susi

It is time  to pause in your life.  Reflect on your past, your hopes for the future and record it for the  next generation or future.

Do not wait until tomorrow, do it now. Add a bit each day,  for tomorrow we are not guaranteed.

Having lost three younger family members in less than a week and a fourth in the week before but was older than I.

If we wait for ??? what is it we are waiting for? It may never come.

My cousin shared all last week all her great plans for the next few months and she is gone now. This I am sure was prompted by the sudden death of her older brother, but still a young man.

Her brother went a few days before. It had her thinking she should begin doing what she was hoping to do and share.  We talked almost daily for some time and at least  weekly before that since her parents became ill.

 Now they are all gone. Just her older brother and her and hubbies children.
I almost do not think they knew what her goals were or wanted. I think she was still forming them.

It was like when she talked to me she became more aware of what she wanted to do.
I spoke to her less than  10 hours before she died. We are going to miss her.

So do not wait, start putting things on paper or computer and gather the things you think are important to your family's future memories.

Look at the fires and the devastation they have done in my home  town area. Almost beyond comprehension except in the early 1960's we had a fire like this.  Gaye LeBaron wrote a very neat article about that fire and it was in Press Democrat today.

Now is not the time to dawdle and wait. Start for your and your family's sake the things you want them to remember and keep.

Looking east look at the Hurricane damage and flooding. It is time to start putting it together.

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