Saturday, October 28, 2017

Paranormal Genealogy....Have you had any experiences?

Many years ago I was blessed to meet Hank Jones. He was also a speaker for our society many times.

We were not able to link our Jones lines at that time. Of course I picked up two more Jones lines since then.

Many of the odd things that happen in genealogy he traced back to not normal events over all.

Many more things than you are aware of, are a form of paranormal experience.

Looking for one thing in a book but suddenly finding data on a line you had given up on instead.
It as explained to me that they want you to find them and are showing you how to do it. A Book falls off the shelf while you are looking for another is the same.

Looking in Land Records and finding things you never saw but had to be there, the time before.

Ironically, having some weird things happen, brought a change on how and what I do for many things more than genealogical.

Nightmares for weeks brought me to bring my daughter away from the  home she was in, in Missouri.  Three days after she was out of the unit a tornado took the unit and most of the block out.
Thank You God for keep telling, to go get her.  Those horrid dreams ended and my stomach calmed down.

Having experienced many of these strange things Hank and I spent time sharing experiences.

I so understand and took college classes to better to grasp the situations.  It is like it is a time,
that we seldom get into.  Others say it is a dimension of space.

The talk about the carrier the other day was so like, yes, much of this talk is so relevant to our lives.

Having a family member that thinks death is dead, sometimes I have to be careful of how I word things.

Often wonder how this affects what we call souls.  Is it the soul of another giving us warnings?
How about research? Ancestors whom may have died on a ship or plane or car accident. Are they trying to tell us something, share something.

Knowing the process can change when that spirit has been resolved, of an issue, someone may be saved or found.

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