Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The New Year is almost here. Ready, Set, Go?

The New Year is almost here. Ready, Set, Go?

The New Year is almost here, are you ready?  Have you made a plan on what you want to accomplish this coming year?

Hoping you take advantage of the workshops and talks given with in the community to learn more ways to find the missing clues you need.

Use your libraries in the communities.  Some have Genealogical Sections, and please do not forget the History sections.  Many times it takes learning more history to resolve the mystery.

Have you joined a society?  Why you say?  Because they are there to support your work, guide your research into the correct direction.  Remember some times, you may take a misguided turn and wow,
there is the answer you were seeking.

Recommending you join a society also where you are doing the most research, whether it be, New York, Virginia, Georgia or New Mexico.  The society where your family started will have much data,
you need to remember that.

If family knows not what to get you for a birthday gift, anniversary present or other event ask for a membership in one of these.

If planning a trip, do your homework ahead of time. Make contact with the local group in area you are going to visit at least 3 to 6 months ahead of time. Develop a communication with them.  See if they have a file cabinet of the names of other researchers looking for your names. Ask if anyone
there, is a descendant of these people still living there.   You may be surprised.

When at libraries see if they have the Quarterlies these societies publish with much information.

 Consider a single Seminar or major event if the budget permits.  These are about the only events that cost money out of the pocket. All these other activities are generally covered by the dues paid to a society.

Suspecting $30. for a year of talks, sharing, swapping, and newsletter maybe a web page and other  perks is less than $3 a month.

 Hoping the new year brings you major success.

So grab a cup of tea, cocoa or coffee and start setting next years goals.

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