Saturday, December 3, 2016

Shared Names, Times and Places --- Bonita-Sunnyside Library 3 Dec 2016

  We had hot Apple Cider, Tea or Coffee and 4 kinds of cookies to share.  We then got plugged in and attempted to get on line.  Three of us never made it to last.  It did not stop us from learning and sharing.

  It was great to see Jean Taylor again.  Thanks Jean for coming.  She shared the table with Gary Brock, Mary Nelson and Shirley Becker. The other side of tables was shared by: Verena M.,  Joanna W., and Virginia and I.

For some reason some of us could not get on or stay on the computer. That did not stop those from looking at some of the books brought in to expose researchers to new sources. We had: Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly; NEHGS ( American Ancestors);  Library of Virginia, Broadside; The Searcher, for more local researchers; and the NGS (National Genealogical Society). Also one  BIGRA News.  British Isles Genealogical Research Association.

 Having in my possession several others, covering many of the Mid Atlantic States, and New York, Maine, CT. and VT.  Areas of ancestors and places I hosted as a GFS on the old Golden Gates Forum.

 Shirley helped Mary find her Neumann's in Poland.  Taking Joanna's names, will look here at home since I could not stay on at library. She was unable to stay on and Verena M had same problem

I found 3 Wills for Virginia when I came home and will find more I am sure.  DUNHAM is a popular name in the region I have done research.  Many of her names and mine are neighbors. She also has BLAND and others.

Sadly Verena M kept trying to get on and stay on... Shirley helped her but she got dumped quickly.

Gary B helped Jean Taylor and they talked general stuff.

Haven given an answer to Joanna Ward's question on DNA differences we moved to surnames and places.

DNA has changed lots in the last 10 years and it is changing even faster now than then.  Bringing up the migration across Africa to Europe to the west and to the east and how the ethnicity may stay but the nationality may change.  We used Pentico as example.

John Penticoff, Penticuff,  then Pentico on last document. Learning 50 years later it was Benninghoff when they migrated to the USA.  So wanting to learn more about the area in northwest Italy that has lots of Pentico's in residence.  

Was the name changed to leave the area, was it adopted to a Germanic spelling, then in early America
changed to Penticuff then back to Pentico by many. Yes, we have Benninghoff cousins in USA.

Shirley Becker and I share many surnames of the earlier American time period.  She is sorting out the Greene's for us that ties to SWEET, JONES, RANDALL, and others.

Joanna W needs help with Sarah Summerfield in England 1848  and some of the references she received also state Canada. Husband is  Alfred Hughes, other surnames are Rasp, Booth, and Schroder.

Virginia also has Dunlap, Smith,  and Woodruff (which was in NJ).

 This people can be reached via my blog or my email

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