Friday, December 2, 2016

Subject Change,,, Illness changes topic.

CASUAL SATURDAY   1 to 3:30pm Bonita-Sunnyside Library  3 Dec. 2016

We will be getting together to do a discussion of each others. brick walls and stumbling blocks.
 Bring your Five Generation Chart and where your help is needed. 
 Hints and tips will be presented for assisting you to find answers.

 Shirley and Virginia and I will be leading this event.
 Virginia says Hot Apple Cider and cookies to go with.

 I will bring some charts that might help you to realign your stray.

 A time to share your names with your fellow researchers and find out whom you may link to.
 What the other person may know or help you with.

 Books will be available for you to take home and maybe find kin. 
 Will also share the Acadian Research person who is happy to hear there are
  more Acadian Researchers out there.

Expose you to some of the many Facebook Genealogical Societies maybe too.

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