Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Party Wed 11 a m to 2 p m South Branch Library

Christmas Party Wed 11 a m to 2 p m  South Branch Library

First, I want to say Thanks to Randy S. for explaining to me how to add an item to this blog.

2nd, I have ordered the coffee's and water for Wednesday.

3rd,  It would be great to see all of our members there even if they need a ride.

4th,  It is the one time of the year we can relax and share our joys and brick walls with our fellow members.

5th, If you think of it bring that 5 Generation Chart update, for us to update our files with your updated tree.

6th,  After 5 years I am sure you have advanced a few lines farther back and filled in a few blanks

7th,  I will be glad to take them in case Karen is still ill and mail them to her.  We so need to get our files up to date.

8th,  Have you done your Christmas/Holiday Letter to send to family and friends?  I have received two already.

9th,  The moon is doing it's giant thing again tomorrow night, we probably won't see it due to clouds.
We also are non privilege to see the Meteor showers, boo hoo.

10th,  I want wish everyone reading this a Blessed Holiday Season, no matter your religion and a very prosperous New Year.

Orange and 4th Avenue, 11 to 2 pm  

Do not forget if you can to bring a canned good or a unwrapped toy for the Salvation Army.

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