Monday, October 24, 2016

Your Need to Celebrate Family HIstory Month

Your Need to Celebrate Family HIstory Month

 Ok, you have seen and heard about many things you can participate in this month for celebrating Family History Month.

 Have you done anything for  your FAMILY HISTORY MONTH?  Did you do a writing in a journal?
 Maybe  you can start a blog about a certain line in your family?. Have a small or large family reunion, using or sharing pictures of the past and writing down or recording everyone's reminiscence
about that event in the picture or article being shared.

If all else fails, program 11 November for a day of Recollections for the family,  or Thanksgivings of the past when the adults were babies and the great grands were just grands.

That is the reason I believe Holiday Letters are so vital.  Finally, at least once a year family reaches out to family and friends. They share tidbits and comments and pictures and generally shed a few tears and have many great deep laughing fits about times of the past.

Children need to see the interlinking of the families.   Yes, even adult children need to be reminded about how important family is.

A quick phone call or postcard to say "thinking of you".

My parents raised me to keep in touch with family.  We traveled thousands of miles to keep in touch. We may not have had fancy clothes and designer shoes or coats but we traveled to visit our family from Sonoma Co. Ca to Dallas, Oregon, Sonoma Co. to Wheatland and Cheyenne, Wyo. and down to Denver to see more family. We went to Roswell, New Mexico to visit an Aunt. We went to Seattle, Washington to see kin. We traveled to Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa.  

Mom and Dad later in life went to family reunions and shared their knowledge with us who would listen about our families past and present.

Phone calls were expensive but my parents did that about every other month.  I was taught to write to my Grandparents, and Great Grandparents on a steady basis.  Some I met some I never met.

We had a choice, by a gadget or save for a trip to see new places and meet family. I do not recall any sibling ever saying no to a trip.

Some of our most fun was hopping in the car on Friday after chores and neighbors set in for weekend and we would go to Oregon to see Mom's sis Aunt Ruth and Uncle Fred.  It was through these trips I met (we) met Uncle Fred's brothers and parents. One time I stayed for the summer and picked beans and went to an elder in his families funeral.  First time I seen them take pictures of a person in a casket.

So record some trivia activity or event for your family so they can learn or relearn about it later in time.

Share it once done at your Holiday.

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