Saturday, October 22, 2016

Re Visted----- Family History Day Chula Vista Civic Center Library

Today was the day.  Yes, it is now over.  Sorry you missed it.  The best ever Family History Day we have held ever.

Many years ago when it was a declared Family HIstory month we put on our first event. We covered areas that had never been discussed before with John Q public.  We found genealogy in the CD's, the History section, the Encyclopedia area, Novels, Maps and Children's area. Yes even in the music section.  Data is everywhere if you think about it.

Today we put on  a super presentation with a WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE for Mary Salas, Mayor of Chula Vista with the help of Ceasar Castro.  

We had Randy Seaver do a presentation early in the day.

We had people at various stations talking about DNA or Genealogy Research.

We had people telling guests how to use the 5 Generation Charts, Family Group Sheets and the Resource Research List to keep track of your Research.  I added a comment about Correspondence logs to keep track of who answers questions and responds to queries.

We were able to meet many new faces in our community that needed or wanted to learn more or and needed help to break a brick wall.

 We are  hoping we can see some of them at our events.

 The one thing I observed was many of them were still working and could not attend our day events.

 Giving them my email and phone number saying we are all here to help you,  call and we will see what we can do to get you  more help.

Long ago we did a night time help session. Maybe we need to bring it back? We have a day time one at 10 to 12 every Wednesday hosted by John Finch.

Elders do not drive at night much so we have much to think about.  But I am hoping each person we saw, spoke to and gave information will let us know if they were able to utilize that information and move forward.

My one comment to them all was make sure you check into the area where you are doing research,
New York, Mass, RI, Virginia, Kansas, Wyoming where ever it is and see what their local library, City Hall, Genealogical or Historical Society may have to help them move forward.

Also do not forget Facebook there are thousands of Historical/Genealogical Societies on Facebook.
It is not just a social media.  It creates links and conversations and some times breaks a brick wall.

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