Wednesday, October 5, 2016


We had a quick efficient board meeting today.  We presented the slate of officers for the coming year.

 President Ceasar Castro
 Programs Carol Sobke / Virginia Taylor
 Secretary  Karen Yarger
 Treasurer  Sam Seat
 Membership  Karen Smith

  We also chose the Honoree for the Christmas Party.  Sorry you have to wait for that information
  to be exposed in December at the Christmas Party. It was exciting and unanimous.

 Scholarship Applications should be given to Sweetwater Union High School District by Friday.
 Karen has approved the papers.

 A quick prayer for Shirley Becker she is down for a bit.

 We have 92 active members.

  Christmas party is 14 December 11 to 3 at South Branch Library.

  Family History Day is shaping up to be a great event.  Mark calendar for 23 October, 10-3 pm
  Chula Vista Civic Center Library.  Watch for more news on this event.

  Prayers also for Program Chair whom is recuperating at home also.

  The year is winding down and gearing up.

  More to follow.

  Did anyone want to learn about Randy talked of it at BackUp Workshop last Saturday.

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