Monday, October 3, 2016

Family History Day 2 October 2016

 Family History Month is here, it is upon us.  We can use it to fill in some blanks in our tree.
 We can share our little adventures for the future to know what this month was like for us.

Realizing this month was going to be very full, it helped me to decide to make an open log of the month for you to read and follow.   When this (2001) was first announced our society planned an eventful day for it's members.  We planned the month to assist in our research and sharing of family knowledge.  Our society is planning a major event bringing in the community this year  22 October
at the Chula Vista Civic Center Library.

My Family History Month, day 2,  started out with a family event held at one members home and she is the Matriarch of her line.  Having met her about 8 years ago, I think, when I took her Grandaughter home from school for them.   Years later the Grandaughter married our Grandson, now they have a child of their own.  Our first Great Granddaughter.  Having shared giving rides with her family members for two years I was able to know a bit about a couple of the sisters and 2 brothers she had.

Now that we are at the current time frame, we had in the Matriarch's yard,  families covering families on many sides. So the Grandchildren had many Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles in the mix, let alone all the cousins of the younger generation.  We had some wee babies and toddlers and teens and it was so great to see the terrific interaction done by all to get to know the extended family better.

My thoughts were, this was more like what my Great Grandparents witnessed when they put their family events on. People were treated as family, no matter who's line it might have been. It also reminded me of my Grandparents major events, when we would come to visit back in Wyoming.

We were the only line away for a long time.  Because of that I got to know many of my Great Aunt's and Great Uncles, 2nd and 3rd cousins etc.  I wrote when young to my Great Grandmother  generally on a weekly basis when we had money for the stamps. We also sent her stamps to be able to answer us. I did the same for my Grandmother years later. Some how even though we lived far apart our parents made sure we knew our family and what they did and where they lived  & their children.

Yes, there were a few divorces, some deaths of young and old.  New Marriages and acceptance of the new faces as part of our family.   Generally it would lead to new cousins  down the line, to add to the mix though not always.  It also generated some from Wyoming to move to California and serve in the Service and live near us.

I can not even tell you all the last names that attended  this event yesterday, but it made my heart happy to see the mingling and exchange of dialogue.

As you can tell I now need to find out the names of all those families to add to my Great Grandaughter's tree.  O yes, our first Great Grandson was there with his family too.

No wonder it was such a great event.    : > )

Thank you to everyone whom attended, the party for our Clementine and Michaela.

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