Monday, June 13, 2016

Shared by Christine Woodcock and an Experience about Libraries in Scotland

This information comes from her sharing with Facebook a recent
event that happened on her tour.

My genea-bud Cheryl offers a weekly happy dance for those doing their genealogy research. Although I rarely get a chance to do my own research anymore, I have spent 10 days in AWE at the happy dances my tour participants were able to do on a daily basis. 
One participant had the best experience. Her ancestor was from Crieff, a little place west of Perth. The Innerpeffray Library there is the oldest lending library in Scotland and has kept all of their borrowers registers. These are ledger books where the reader has written down the books he/she has checked out of the library. 
My tour participant had contacted the library ahead of visiting and the staff not only were able to provide her with the register her ancestor was listed in, but also show her the books her ancestor had read!!

Susi Pentico Christine I am going to share this since we are doing Libraries this year.

Christine Woodcock Thanks, Susi!

What an amazing thing to learn.  Thanks Christine for sharing.

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