Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day to All Dad's Everywhere

Thinking of the Father's of the world and how varied their lives are.

 Thought it would be nice to say, "Have a Blessed Fun Father's Day".

 Enjoy the children if they are near.

 Hopefully they will speak to you if from afar.

 Break bread with family and friends, think of when you first became a Father, or Dad.

 Gee, some of you learned to change a diaper, feed Junior a bottle and cuddle and hug this
 person you helped create.

 Hoping you can stop and remember the good moments truly out way the bad.

 Maybe drag out the picture album, the slide projector, or the 8 mm videos and share with
 the younger children so they know the reason for a Father's Day.

 We just celebrated Mother's Day.  Children's Day is coming.   I truly wish we celebrated a
 Family Day.

 That family had to by wanting to, get together and share their past on how family was for them.

 It really still is all about family.


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