Sunday, June 5, 2016

Colonial Families of the United States of America by George Norbury Mackenzie

Colonial Families of the  United States of America

Book series written by George Norbury Mackenzie (7)

I was most interested in what this book series may hold for my information on genealogical research.

I asked on Facebook where if anywhere was this series stored, housed or able to be seen.  That was a good thing for me to have done.

It brought about a cousin in Ohio learning it was next door to him and a friend near but not close to say it was within driving distance for me on film.

Guess what when I arrived at the Carlsbad Library, they looked in their files and found it on fische, then another person found it, in book form. Yes, all 7 books.

So my day that was planned to go to Jamboree and German talk was spent at the Carlsbad Library, scouring these books.   Family situation terminated Burbank Trip. Hope to be there next year.

This set is very expensive and originally I was going to ask our society to purchase them, but instead I want us to plan a day to go to the Carlsbad Library.  Since we are covering Libraries and what they hold and can assist us with  this year. I think this would be lots of fun.  After all we go to the FHCenter in Mission Valley, why not tool up the road to Carlsbad and check out their remodeling and some of the great books they have there.

Genealogy Bank had these advertised as on sale and would have loved to have bought them. Especially after I  got to scan them to see what was in them.  Their price was okay just can not afford to spend air fare on a book series. Maybe down the road our society may consider a 50-50 purchase of them. But they are expensive.  Also enough people have to want to use them to consider this.

I pulled the books to my table and started through them.  Each book offered me information on one family name or another for my genealogy. Some offered many names for me to reconfirm data already found or to add family and information to what is already known.

Because of the data and amount and time constraints I took notes of the names and copied the names with pages data to my folder. I snapped a few shots of the index pages that applied.

Also recommended to Librarians to salvage damage to one book that it was only the index pages in bad shape and if they would copy the index for people to look at it would keep the actual book from more damage. The book data was in great shape the index was in dire need of help.

On Genealogy Bank it says there are no fewer than 850 families and name 125,000 family members.

In many ways it reminded me of the PA Archives Series for Pennsylvania.

So be aware they are within reach of San Diego and surrounding areas. If you use them handle them with extreme care.  It covers the time period from 1607-1776.  

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