Tuesday, November 24, 2015

You may want to.......Document your Thanksgiving........

You may want to document your Thanksgiving.  No idea who will or won't be with us in the next year.

It is the season to think of others, yes it is.  So will you remember each guest with a passing comment of will you take some pictures or maybe write a poem?

Maybe you will write a synopsis of your day or the week leading up to Thanksgiving.  It surely will bring many thoughts to the forefront.

How did you decide what vegetable to have, what type of dinner roll? Do you do Ham and Turkey for those not able to eat turkey? Or do you do a roast or goose?

You see there were many choices you made whether it was consciously or not.  Do you do mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, yams or sweet potatoes?

In doing all this are you leaving a trail so that your grandchildren can go back and remember what they were not sure of what they did?

Home made Cranberry sauce or store bought with or with out whole cranberries. Or did you plan a Cranberry salad made as a jello dish?

Remember in the spring we discussed using a plain table cloth and have all the guests sign it in memory of the year and it gets past down to a younger family member for future memories?

So many ideas so few time.  I hope you at least do some of this for your future generations.

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