Sunday, November 1, 2015

Native American Ancestry, ??? Fold 3 Has Free

Having come in from brunch and was able to read this. Hope it excites you as much as it does me.

Free Access to the Native American Collection

Do you have Native American ancestry? Or are you interested in Native American history? Then explore Fold3's Native American Collection for free November 1-15.
Have you found an ancestor in Fold3's Native American collection? Tell us about it! Or get started exploring the Native American Collection here.

It has a list of six major sources to look at.

Having one line  proven and more to go.  MTDNA proves lineage on Grandma Foulk Jones Norris side.  

We have proven on Jones side very early.  But want to see more documentation.

Talking to Family Tree dna people.  It is hard to go back earlier for one time incidents.

When the family's children marry back into the tribe then it solidifies the line better, one of the Jones or maybe two of the Jones daughters did this. Hurray, and Thanks Cousins.

This is truly a blessing to be able to see what they have at Fold 3.

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