Saturday, November 28, 2015

Documenting Thanksgiving 2015

The day started early and ended late. In a nut shell it was a great day shared by many.

But that does not document the day.

Attendees: Candy Pentico Murillo, Bob Jeffers, Joe Murillo, Wyatt Murillo and Sara., Stephan Murillo, Nicole and Clementine Murillo, Billi Jo Pentico and Zack Allen, Roberta Jones Wright Davis ( sis) and husband Alan Davis. Of course there was my husband Fred and self.

Alan' had family from Heather's side at their home.

Ed had Peggy's families at their home.

Don and Liz went from Fowlerville, Mi. to Monee, Ill to share with her brother's family.

We had: Turkey and Ham, some can not have turkey, we had white and sweet potatoes, green beans and asparagus, cranberries jellied and whole, dinner rolls, Hawaiian and regular potato rolls. Sparkling Ciders and coffee and tea, and some beer and some wine.

BJ went to Kaiser Zion and took Mary a plate of ham and special made mashed potatoes and asparagus for her.  Not forgetting her cranberries.

 Every one was to full for desert but some was had later in the evening that did not have to wander to another home. Nicole's pumpkin pie went so fast I am glad I at least had a taste,

The topper was learning that Fred's sister would be returning from the hospital with a brace and back to us in rare form.  She came home Friday afternoon.

My bronchitis was last had in February, must be the erractic weather and setting under the AC for days at Zion.

Ed and Peggy came to visit Friday late, as did Bertie and Alan return from visiting Grandkids in Oceanside and Camp Pendleton.  The left overs are slowly disappearing.

Bertie has reached home safely in AZ. Hope Don and family done same in MI.

Dale called this morning. Only one sibling I did not hear from. May God Bless them All.

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