Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cancellation of Class and Scottish Research Information --Important

The class in Lemon Grove will not  take place this month due to a family members illness.
Apologize for the inconvenience.  We will review My Heritage at our next meeting.

Also I wanted to share with you this information.

 I have many acquaintances that are heavy into Scottish Research. One even books and does tours to Scotland.  Now that is a dream of mine.

But a Webinar is coming up in December for SCOTTISH SIG. Posted on this Blog
Scottish Genealogy Tips Tricks & Tidbits

The first Saturday of every month is Scottish Genealogy Saturday with webinars hosted by the Scottish SIG of the Ontario Genealogical Society.   Many of you may really be excited about this.


You may want to check  out this site and join in the SIG 
DON'T MISS OUT! Register now: 

I will post other SCOTTISH data as I catch it in my in box.

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