Friday, July 10, 2015

Want to Keep Track? Here is a Map

Recently, this url has flown by again.  I think we can play with it and use it for research also.

Making a map and logging where this families lines have been may help to figure where the
missing data needs found from.

Being in the Michigan Archives and reading some material there for New York and other areas,
we really need to know the basic history of the community we are researching.

Being a major history buff, ancient to current, this is not hard for me but many do not like history that well but do not realize how key that knowledge is to research.

As well versed as I am in much history knowledge, we forget words and terms change. Items may still be used but not the same as what we recall them.

Having always pictured canals like those we see in California to water crops I would never have thought of a canal 4 feet wide and only 3 1/2 feet deep being used as a travel water way across regions of the eastern seaboard states. It made travel quick and easy and it did not have to follow all
the local roads. They did follow rivers though many times.  Rafts and flat bottom  boats were used for transport on these causeways.

Thinking it a topic we need to look into more deeply for travel and why we can not find them where we think they should be.

So here is a link top  a map you can color in for where you have been, a lot, a little  or lived there a long time.

Since I am finding more family near each other that we were not aware of in the past, and reading blogs and posts on other researchers that are finding much intermingled kin also. Hoping you get my drift of using a map in a different way to locate what we have missing.

Create Your Visited States Map | Gas • Food • No Lodging

Let me know if this jars a memory with you.  Thanks

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